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Quick Instance and Attach tool

Download here (right-click, save as)


This tool was created with lights in mind, but can be used with other object types such as geometry and locators.

Quick Instance and Attach allows you to quickly instance a single light and attach it to a list of geometry. This is especially useful if you have, say, a row of street lamps that require spotlights attached to them. And you can choose to have the new lights as duplicates or instances. The attachment is done with a parent constraint.

1) Select the light or object you wish to instance. You may only instance one object at a time. Click the 'Add' button below the left most list.

2) Select and add the objects to attach to. You may select multiple objects at once.

3) 'Remove' button lets you edit your selection list, while the 'Clear' button clears all entries.

4) Use the checkbox to duplicate instead of instance.

5) Click DO IT once you have all objects added to the lists.