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Unified Sampling UI

Download here (right click, save as)

Unified sampling is a smart sampling technique introduced in Mentalray 3.9, which combines spatial sampling (pixel contrast) and time sampling (motion blur). For the low-down on the details, check out the Elementalray wordpress blog here. The blog itself is a wonderful resource for all things Mentalray, definitely worth reading through.

This UI is a means of skipping all the manual setup that is required before using Unified Sampling.

It was tested using 64-bit Maya 2013, and Mentalray, but should work with Maya 2012 and Mentalray 3.9.Thanks to the helpful Mr David Hackett, here's some additional info that would be useful when using Unified Sampling:

- Autodesk did not update Maya Mental ray 3.9.1 to 3.9.2 (in Maya 2012), so there will be artifacts when using Unified Sampling.
- Users with Maya 2013 SP1 and Mentalray 3.10, however, should at least have passes and rendering that are correct.
- Elementalray also has its own UI for using Unified Sampling, but because Autodesk broke compatibility and changed script structure in 2013.5 builds of Maya 2013, you can't use it anymore. This script should be compatible for users of this Maya version.

The help buttons provide a description of what each setting does. Again, they were taken from the excellent Elementalray blog. The "Select miDefaultOptions" button simply selects the miDefaultOptions node where all these settings are stored, should you wish to see them. The "Apply button" must be pressed to ensure the currently chosen values are applied to the options node.

*Key limitation of the tool: This tool works on the assumption that you only need to use stringOptions for Unified Sampling. In other words, these group of settings needs to be at the end in the miDefaultOptions.stringOptions list.